The "Flava Lady", Marlene Myrie has many fans who buy her delightful food creations every week at her booth in the The Hollywood Farmer's Market.

- "Marlene's grilled chicken and a hearty zinfandel have been a Sunday tradition in our home for twelve years."

"The complex combination of seasonings that go into Marlene's cuisine is endlessly intriguing and most delicious."

Wright and Bill
Jefferson Park

"- "The rice and beans are absolutely amazing! there's a lot of flavor - I highly recommend you try them. you won't be dissapointed.

Vejune j. Baltrusaitis

- "Since I started buying the "flava lady's food I haven't been able to stop. each sunday I can't wait to taste the spicy and very palatable chili. I shared it with my colleague and she made me promise to bring her a serving every week. I then tried her jerkj chicken combo, which consists of jerk chicken, and your choice of two sides, I love the chicken with the rice and plantains absolutely delicious, you've got to try it: you'll be glad you did !"

Roz Mayfield
Hollywood, CA.

- My microbiotic diet has opened up the delicious world of grains and legumes. "you should come to the hollywood farmers market", a good friend suggested, "there's a woman who has the best rice and beans". he was right,Marlene is flava! even for us - almost vegans ? who care about quality and taste.

Karile Baltrusaitis
Hollywood, CA.

Chef Marlene have made several TV appearances over the years:

1994 The Morning News on KTLA Channel 5 Los Angeles, Ca

1996 Making it! KTLA channel 5 Los Angeles, Ca

2000 The Morning News on KTLA Channel 5 Los Angeles, Ca

2001 Now You Are Cooking KNBC Channel 4 Los Angeles, Ca

California Gold by Huell Howser 2003 and 2006

Chef Marlene also adds to her credit several articles in the Los Angeles Times and the LA Weekly.