Caribbean-Creole & Beyond!

Hello, and thanks for visiting my website! My name is Marlene Myrie. I am a Chef, Caterer, and Cookbook Author working and living in Los Angeles, California. I am happy to share my new website with you. Feel free to explore the information, pictures, and videos available on the site. I welcome your comments and inquiries, should there be any concerns, I promise to address those in a timely manner. Again, thanks for visiting, and please share the Flavacooks experience with the people you love!

Chef Marlene is Cooking with Flava

A Caribbean/Creole Concept

Early in 2012 she released her first cookbook, Chef Marlene is Cooking with Flava: A Caribbean/Creole Concept available as an ebook at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Fans made her book an Amazon’s bestseller in both Caribbean and Creole cookbooks.

What People Are Saying About Chef Marlene

The "Flava Lady", Marlene Myrie has many fans who buy her delightful food creations every week at her booth in "The Hollywood Farmer's Market".

"Since I started buying the "flava lady's" food I haven't been able to stop. Each Sunday I can't wait to taste the spicy and very palatable chili. I shared it with my colleague and she made me promise to bring her a serving every week. I then tried her jerky chicken combo which consists of jerk chicken and your choice of two sides. I love the chicken with the rice and plantains. Absolutely delicious! You've got to try it: you'll be glad you did!" - Roz Mayfield


"My macrobiotic diet has opened up the delicious world of grains and legumes. 'You should come to theHollywoodd farmers market', a good friend suggested. 'There's a woman who has the best rice and beans.' He was right. Marlene is flava! Even for us, almost vegans who care about quality and taste!Karile" - Baltrusaitis 


"The complex combination of seasonings that go into Marlene's cuisine is endlessly intriguing and most delicious." - Wright & Bill


"The rice and beans are absolutely amazing! There's a lot of flavor - I highly recommend you try them. You won't be disappointed." - Vejune J. Baltrusaitis


"Marlene's grilled chicken and a hearty zinfandel have been a Sunday tradition in our home for twelve years."