Caribbean-Creole & Beyond!

Out of the mystique that enfolds the Caribbean, Central America and embraces the Bayou - comes the culinary expertise of FLAVA - a catering and food preparation company.

FlavaCooks is run by Marlene Myrie. I am a chef, caterer, and cookbook author in Los Angeles, California.

I am happy to share my new website with you. Feel free to explore our catering services with the information and photos on the site.

You can also contact FlavaCooks here and on our social media channels. And above all, please share the Flavacooks experience with the people you love!

Chef Marlene is Cooking with Flava


A Caribbean/Creole Concept

Early in 2012 she released her first cookbook, Chef Marlene is Cooking with Flava: A Caribbean/Creole Concept available as an ebook at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Fans made her book one of Amazon’s best sellers in both Caribbean and Creole cookbooks.

The “Flava Lady”, Marlene Myrie has many fans who buy her delightful food creations every week at her booth in The Hollywood Farmer’s Market.